About Us

Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement

To share the love of God and guide people into a committed relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • We will all contribute to fulfilling our mission by:

  • Sharing the good news of the love of God as revealed in the life, death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Guiding people into a committed relationship and personal friendship with Jesus Christ, resulting in true disciples and followers of our Lord who live and share the joy of their salvation with others

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a thriving congregation in which each member personally knows the one and only true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent. (John 17:3) We will continue to grow as a loving, caring, praying congregation. We envision a church in which each member feels free and motivated to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in fulfilling the great commission. We will encourage and inspire one another to individually serve as agents for transforming those in our spheres of influence through prayer and active love.

Key Result Areas

As a congregation, we see the fulfillment of this vision as we prayerfully yield to the Holy Spirit, Whom we see directing us to focus especially on the following Key Result Areas:

  • • Evangelism: We will passionately bring hope to unbelievers by sharing the good news of what God has done through Jesus Christ. We will develop personal visions for a Christ-like environment wherever we go, and we will continue to develop as individuals who have a desire to pray for and with people. As we actively live and share the gospel, God will use us as a catalyst in His transformation of the businesses, neighborhoods and civic leadership in our community.

  • • Sanctuary for the Hurting: We will be a comforting home for the broken-hearted, the frustrated and the hopeless. We will become increasingly sensitive and attuned to the special needs of the hurting and follow-through with support. As new people enter our doors we will welcome them and immediately begin the relationship-building process.

  • • Multiple Ministries: Ministries will meet people's needs by providing opportunities for people to get together for fulfillment, spiritual guidance and fun, as well as being involved in outreach and praising God. One of the most exciting ministries will be our special ministry to former members who are inactive.

  • • Close-Knit Members: Fellowship has always been a hallmark of our spiritual family. Developing relationships will be more and more highly-esteemed. Deep friendships will be built and grown. We'll be an assembly where "people are there for you and you are there for other people."

  • • Training & Equipping: We will provide opportunities where all members can be trained, equipped and prepared for service to God and community and are free to launch their own personal ministries. Among the ways this training will be provided is through Bible-centered sermons, Bible Classes, Small Group Bible Studies, workshops, seminars and retreats.

  • • Small Groups: Our Small Groups ministry will eventually function as mini-congregations. They will continue to provide growth-inspiring Bible study and intercessory prayer. They will be a picture of people caring for each other physically and spiritually and being moved to do the same for the communities around them. In essence, our Small Groups will become increasingly powerful vehicles for evangelism and discipleship.

  • • Worship: We will provide increasingly inspiring and exciting worship services where people sense that they are being led by the hand into the presence of God, and are moved to open their hearts to Him.

  • • Leadership: Godly, Christ-centered, Holy Spirit led-leadership is essential and will be further developed among our current and future leaders and the membership as a whole.

  • • Preaching & Teaching: Our sermons and Bible Classes will spring from sound hermeneutics and will result in inspiring Bible-centered exposition that is motivating and relevant to today's issues. Jesus Christ will be honored at the heart of our teaching as the Savior of humankind and the Lord of our lives.

  • • Prayer: Prayer is the way everything will happen. All things will be done through prayer. We will be a congregation in which each member is looking for opportunities to pray for others and for the will of God to be accomplished wherever he or she goes.